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7.2.6	Work-Life-Balance


A healthy work-life balance is vital in promoting and maintaining high levels of motivation and good health among our employees. We therefore provide our employees with targeted support in the form of wide-ranging offers that aim to balance an employee’s job with their family and leisure time. Our employees have access to a large number of AIDA offerings both on land and at sea in order to strike a balance in their everyday working life.

In 2015, we conducted a reorganization of our work-life balance program on the basis of the idea of ‘Wellbeing’. This program covers four areas overall: work, health, benefits and family.


WORK - a motivating job

The work that our employees do is interesting and varied, and requires considerable dedication, concentration and passion. Motivated and committed employees are the basis of our success. This is why we offer them a modern and diverse working environment and pay heed to their needs.

Our employees on board and on land have access to, among others benefits:

  • Online business trip service
  • Use of company vehicles and bicycles
  • General services around the office
  • Staff restaurant
  • Free hot drinks and fresh fruit
  • Invitations to company events
  • Company and private pension schemes

BENEFITS - Enjoy the advantages

Our employees enjoy benefits in both their professional and private lives.

Our employees have access to, among others, the following benefits:

  • Discounts for private holiday trips
  • Reductions at various companies
  • Discounts for car-related items
  • Company bicycles for private use

HEALTH - maintaining a balance

At AIDA, we go to great efforts to guarantee the good health of our employees. We support the health and fitness of our employees with a multitude of offerings.

Our employees on land can enjoy such benefits as:

  • Reductions on offerings in various fitness clubs
  • Company health care
  • Sporting leisure activities
  • Various team sports activities (e.g. AIDA volleyball team, AIDA dragon boat team etc.)

We provide information about the advantages of an active, healthy lifestyle and provide incentives for regeneration and exercise. This also includes the annual health day. Other precautions that we take include examinations performed by company doctors and flu vaccinations.


Great emphasis is placed on family-friendliness at AIDA. We help our employees to juggle their work with their family life. Among other things, we offer our on-shore employees:

  • Providing useful information on starting a family
  • Partnerships with nurseries and daycare
  • Family events
  • Offers of child care for professional and private occasions
  • Holiday offers for children

There has been an AIDA crew day as well as other events for employees on board for over 10 years. Crew members on board are honored in recognition of exceptional performance within the scope of our ‘Employee of the Month’ program. This recognition is connected with a financial award.

Each AIDA crew member works in an international team on board one of the most modern cruise ship fleets of the world. Our ships operate under the European flag. Maritime shipping is the only industry worldwide that applies binding uniform international work and social standards for all ship’s crew.

Our employees on board receive the following benefits amongst others: free food and accommodation, free medical care on board, free provision of uniforms, bed linen and towels, cleaning of cabins on a weekly basis as well a range of leisure activities on board such as a crew sauna, bar, fitness studio, access to and use of facilities in the guest areas, onboard internet, television in the cabins, telephones, books and films.

Employees are furthermore able to make use of excursions on land and get to know the most beautiful places of the world.