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Employee recruitment

Employee recruitment

Attractive prospects and individual career planning

In 2016, around 2.02 million Germans booked a holiday on a cruise liner. With around 900,000 guests, AIDA Cruises is a market leader in cruise holidays in Germany. By 2021, AIDA Cruises will have commissioned two further next-generation ships.

AIDA Cruises is continually on the lookout for qualified and motivated personnel and managers to help us prepare our guests for an unforgettable holiday on board our fleet in order successfully to continue on our growth trajectory.

The onboard job families at AIDA Cruises are divided into ‘Marine’ and ‘Guest’, and on land the family is called ‘Business’. We offer both our trained staff and new recruits attractive working conditions as well as exciting professional challenges and careers in the seafaring and technology sectors, in the catering and hotel sectors, wellness and sport or tourism, IT, marketing and sales or business administration.

We want to recruit the best talents for all of our job families. This is why we organize recruitment days all over Germany and Austria, present our company at national and international career fairs and cooperate closely with various vocational and technical schools and universities.

Even during the recruitment process, AIDA Cruises attaches great importance to providing insights into everyday practice. Interested applicants can thus get a good idea of the world of work on board the modern AIDA fleet through our exclusive AIDA career days. These events provide the opportunity to prove one’s theoretical knowledge and practical skills in cooking, operating a restaurant or running a bar. They also gain an insight into life and work on board a modern cruise ship and are given details of our employee benefits. Crew members from the respective sections guide applicants through the ship and share their own personal experiences. Personal interviews and Q & A sessions with colleagues on board and personnel managers round off the itinerary. Applicants who make a good impression and pass the subsequent selection procedure are offered a contract the very same day and the opportunity to travel to the most beautiful destinations all over the world on one of our modern floating workplaces.

We also offer artists exciting challenges. They are able to showcase their talents and abilities in our worldwide casting sessions.

As an employer, we of course also have a social network presence in the form of Facebook, XING and LinkedIn. Potential applicants can find details of our job families, current vacancies and training courses, as well as the relevant job specifications, on our careers website

To ensure that potential applicants have access to detailed and specific information about the career opportunities at AIDA - even while on the move - our career portal can be called up on any kind of mobile device.

We have moreover expanded our presence on social media through Facebook, XING and LinkedIN. In 2016, the number of fans of our Facebook careers page ‘AIDA Jobs’ rose to around 20,000. This is where we post, in addition to our vacant positions on land and at sea, regular news about life and work at AIDA.

In addition to the individual job profiles, working in an international team, excellent career prospects and the opportunity to travel the world while you work are all vital components of our attractiveness as an employer.

AIDA is a globally active company, which is why we are committed to developing our employees all over the world: We work in collaboration with selected training centers in the Philippines, in India, Vietnam and Indonesia. In 2016 alone, a total of 2,510 of our employees took part in 192 training courses (both for recruits and established staff members), language courses and management training, some of which lasted several weeks.

In cooperation with our partner agencies, various recruitment activities took place throughout 2016 in the countries mentioned above, and in Mauritius too. Family events were also organized in 2016 for the families of our AIDA crew members during the career trips in the individual countries. AIDA Cruises has been supporting the work of SOS Children’s Villages in the Philippines for many years. 2017 saw the first recruitment day with former residents of the SOS Children’s Village in Manila, which offered them the opportunity to take up a professional perspective on board an AIDA cruise ship.

AIDA Cruises also intensified its recruitment initiatives in Europe. Plans are in place to expand our recruitment initiatives in Myanmar and Thailand during 2017.