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Open culture of dialogue

Monika Griefahn

Our sustainability ethos is defined centrally and implemented on a local level. It is incorporated into every level of the company and is put into practice by every department. Our integrated management system helps to optimize this philosophy in pursuit of our goals.

Integral to implementing this philosophy successfully is an open culture of dialogue. This culture has always been part of AIDA’s corporate philosophy. We are certain that an intensive exchange of knowledge, ideas and a range of perspectives is indispensable in the interest of further development and making the right decisions. We therefore value and seek out dialogue with various interest groups.

Our company benefits directly from this dialogue too: it facilitates a lively exchange regarding the topics that are important not only to us, but also to our employees, guests and partners. From our point of view, it is vital that all communication is both transparent and fair. That’s the only way that everybody can profit from it.

The former Environment Minister for Lower Saxony and Co-Founder of Greenpeace, Dr Monika Griefahn, is our Director for Environment and Society. In this role, she is responsible for managing AIDA Cruises’ commitment to sustainability. Dr Monika Griefahn and her team work closely with the various departments within the company. Together, they drive forward the implementation of our sustainability strategy.

AIDA Cruises takes on the challenges of environmental protection, and also face our critics. We are always open to a constructive dialogue and focus on the development of joint solutions. In 2016, we expand this dialogue, in particular on environmental measures. Last year, numerous representatives from politics, environmental associations and science took advantage of our offer to get an idea of the current progress of our measures to avoid emissions from the use of liquid natural gas (LNG), the use of cold ironing and numerous others Initiatives to reduce energy consumption and conservation of resources.

More measure details you can find here.

An example of external dialogue is our involvement in research projects aimed at developing new technology for the cruise industry. Together with our partners, we examine how we can expand our sustainable approach further at our destinations. We moreover hold regular dialogue with representatives from German, European and international politics so as to ensure we are first in line in helping to shape the framework for sustainable cruise holidays.

At AIDA Cruises, every employee has the opportunity to raise questions and make suggestions. We are able to ensure that this exchange takes place through personal discussions, town hall meetings with all employees, emails, the intranet or other networks, as well as round table discussion about sustainability.

Questions and answers concerning AIDA’s commitment

The annual sustainability report of AIDA cares offers comprehensive information on our commitment. Answers to the most frequent questions on the subject of sustainability are in our FAQ. Should you have further questions and proposals please contact us at any time online - simply and quickly via , Facebook, Twitter and our Weblounge. Whenever you contact us - we are happy to hear from you!