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Sustainable right from the beginning

Sustainability is a component part of AIDA’s philosophy - right from the outset. We have published our annual transparent and freely-accessible sustainability report, AIDA Cares, every year since 2007. Our environmental officers were the first onboard a cruise ship. We were pioneers in the introduction of sustainable land excursions by offering activities such as bicycle tours. This is a matter of course today. Innovations create standards.

We have continued to set new milestones on the topic of sustainability since the publication of the last sustainability report 2016. A pioneering premiere was the installation of LNG propulsion on AIDAprima. The ship has been the first in the world since last year to be supplied with LNG during its time in the ports of Hamburg, Southampton, Le Havre, Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. Furthermore, AIDAprima is equipped with a comprehensive system for treatment of emissions. An additional innovation is the azipod drive, the MALS technology allowing the ship to glide on a layer of air bubbles which reduce friction, or the tunnel washer that consumes only 2.5 liters of water per kilogram of laundry. The introduction of separate disposal of PET bottles and aluminum for recycling is a significant contribution to the conservation of resources.

In 2016 AIDAsol made use of the LNG Hybrid Barge 16 times. It offered low emission energy supply during layover times in the port of HafenCity Hamburg. The first shore-based electricity facility in Europe was inaugurated in Hamburg Altona on 3 June 2016. AIDA Cruises supports the pilot project in the port of Hamburg as AIDAsol is the first ship to make use of this technology.

In 2016, we developed a new range of holidays for our guests in the form of AIDA Selections. This range is characterized by exceptional routes to new regions or exclusive ports. Holidaymakers on board AIDAcara, AIDAvita and AIDAaura will have the opportunity to undertake long and leisurely land excursions to discover fascinating natural spectacles, landscapes and cultures from a completely new perspective. They will also be able to enjoy an individually crafted program of entertainment and carefully selected culinary specialties.

We offer our guests the chance to compensate for the CO2 emissions of their cruise in a cooperation set up with the climate protection organization atmosfair e.V. Last year the offer was extended to include the possibility of compensating for the inbound and outbound flights. The AIDA motto of continuity also includes social commitment. As a result, in 2016 we reaffirmed our partnership with SOS Kinderdorf e.V. which has been in existence for eleven years. In 2017, AIDA Cruises began to support the ‘Africa Mercy’, operated by the NGO Mercy Ships, which is the largest hospital ship in the world and offers free treatment and dental care for patients in the greatest need in Africa. As of July 2017, an AIDA engineer has voluntarily been assisting the crew of Mercy Ships in West Africa. 2016 saw the launch of the I LOVE TO SEE YOU SMILE campaign under the patronage of Felix Eichhorn. The aim of our new service and quality initiative is to embolden all of our employees, help them to exceed our guests’ expectations and enable them to feel at home and valuable in their working environment. The dedication of our employee’s is recognized through the Smiling Star Award.

No matter whether the subject is modern technology or changes to what we offer: if it proves successful in testing it is as a rule accepted. This leads to innovations driving new standards which are then incorporated in our operational procedures. Subjects pursued today successfully dealing with aspects of sustainability are the milestones of tomorrow and as such recorded in our continuity logbook of AIDA cares.

Our most important milestones since foundation of the company

This list is constantly evolving, just as we are. Our new milestones are recorded regularly.


  • AIDAprima supplied with LNG power in Hamburg, Southampton, Le Havre, Zeebrügge and Rotterdam
  • MALS technology and azipod drives on AIDAprima
  • Tunnel washers on AIDAprima
  • Supported the cold ironing plant in Hamburg Altona with AIDAsol as pilot project
  • AIDA Home awarded DGNB Seal in Gold (recertification)
  • Collaboration with University of Rostock regarding introduction of telemedicine as an integral part of primary medical treatment on AIDA ships
  • Expansion of voluntary CO2 offsets for connecting journeys for all AIDA cruise customers
  • AIDA Selection – New kind of travelling with AIDAcara, AIDAaura and AIDAvita, e.g. to remote destinations and first AIDA world tour
  • Launch of the Arison Maritime Center CSMART, the maritime training and simulator center in Almere, Netherlands
  • I LOVE TO SEE YOU SMILE – further development of AIDA values in the form of a new service and quality campaign under the patronage of Felix Eichhorn


  • Commissioning of the LNG Hybrid Barge with AIDAsol in Hamburg HafenCity
  • Introduction of voluntary CO2 offsets of AIDA cruise holidays for guests / CO2 offsets of AIDA business trips
  • Installation of first stage of comprehensive filtering system with the aim of reducing sulphur oxide emissions on AIDAdiva and AIDAmar
  • Entry into Stiftung 2 Grad
  • Certification of AIDA Home with DNGB Seal in Silver
  • 10th anniversary of partnership with SOS Children’s Villages
  • Seatrade Award 2016 for Environmental Initiative of the Year (LNG Hybrid Barge / LNG ships)
  • Foundation of Carnival Maritime as the central Marine Operation Center in Hamburg. State-of-the-art, efficient operation of the entire Costa Group fleet
  • Order placed with Meyer-Werft in Papenburg for two new ships as part of the ‘Green Cruising’ strategy, which will be able to operate on up to 100 percent eco-friendly LNG (entry into service 2018/2021)


  • Installation of first stage of comprehensive filtering system with the aim of reducing sulphur oxide emissions on AIDAluna and AIDAvita
  • Development of standardized, scientific list of criteria for sustainable land excursions with Futouris e.V., the State Chancellery of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and the Leuphana University of Lüneburg
  • Introduction of sustainable shore excursions at all AIDA destinations
  • Naming ceremony of the LNG Hybrid Barge in October 2014
  • Introduction of electric vehicles in the company car pool
  • Introduction of Energy Monitoring and Management System (EMMA) produced by ABB - B.A.U.M Environment Award 2014


  • State-of-the-art ballast water treatment system on AIDAstella
  • Foundation of AIDA Freunde der Meere e.V.
  • Approval of an environmental investment program in excess of 100 million euros until 2016
  • AIDA announces its intention to be the first cruise line to install a comprehensive exhaust gas treatment system on new ships built from 2015/16 and to retrofit the existing fleet step by step
  • Introduction of an Environment Information Hour on board all ships
  • Introduction of car-sharing and company bicycles
  • Awarded TÜV Süd’s Green Fleet Award
  • Baltic Sea Clean Maritime Award
  • AIDAsol becomes the first ship to be fully equipped to make use of cold ironing in 2013


  • Opening of the AIDA Academy in Rostock
  • With the CSMART Rostock, AIDA Cruises opens the first center in Germany for maritime simulation training for the cruise industry
  • ADAC Cruise Safety Test. The AIDA ships tested were graded as ‘Very good’
  • Beginning of the ‘LNG Hybrid Barge’ pilot project with Becker Marine Systems with a view towards using LNG for low-emission ship operation while docked in a port
  • Creation of the Sustainability Department under the leadership of Dr. Monika Griefahn, Director for Environment and Society
  • AIDA Cruises announces that the next generation of AIDA ships (from 2015) will be the first cruise ships in the world fitted with dual fuel engines with a view towards using LNG and innovative MALS technology
  • AIDA becomes a member of B.A.U.M e.V.


  • Introduction of regular environmental awareness training for the entire crew
  • Participation in e4ships project run by the Federal Government
  • Heat Recovery System on AIDAmar
  • Every ship in the fleet is fitted with a silicone coating
  • Introduction of online guest surveys
  • Guest satisfaction reaches ‘Very good’
  • AIDA becomes a member of Futouris e.V.


  • Deployment of a new and effective route management system: AIDA Power Monitor used as an analytical tool
  • Introduction of detail environmental reports
  • Introduction of anti-bribery guidelines
  • Process implementation for highest standards of data protection requirements
  • Eco-friendly light management and hotel card switches on all new AIDA ships from 2010
  • HVAC Control System for utilizing waste heat and exhaust air becomes standard on all AIDA ships from 2010

2008 / 2009

  • Development of the Ten Golden Rules for Shore Excursions
  • protecting the environment on land and at sea
  • GL Environment Passport
  • Kuoni Green Planet Award
  • Launch of the European Cruise Academy

2006 / 2007

  • Setup and implementation of an integrated management system (IMS)
  • AIDA is certified in accordance with Environmental Management ISO 140001, Quality Management 9001, Work Safety Management OHSAS 18001, Ship Safety ISM Code / ISPS, Social Responsibility (GLC Maritime Social Responsibility) for the first time
  • GL 5 Stars Excellence Award
  • Silicone coating applied to fleet to reduce friction loss
  • Commitment to sustainability as a strategic goal
  • Creation of the position of Environment Officer on board
  • Opening of a training center in Manila on the Philippines for personnel development
  • Introduction of a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
  • Family-friendly company (establishment of the AIDA Nursery and AIDA Crèche, member of the ‘Family Success Factor’ network)
  • AIDAdiva (commissioned in 2007) and all subsequent AIDA ships are prepared for cold ironing connections
  • As of 2007, AIDA Cruises in Hamburg will voluntarily only use marine diesel with sulphur content of 0.1 percent
  • All ships beginning with AIDAdiva (2007) will be fitted with a reverse osmosis system for fresh water preparation on board