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Code of conduct and ethics

Code of conduct and ethics

AIDA is committed to complying with human rights since these are basic ethical principles. Examples include AIDA Values, signatory to the UN Charter of Diversity, our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and compliance with the Modern Slavery Acts as well as the UNWTO principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.

Declaration regarding modern slavery

Our code of conduct and ethics forbids any kind of exploitation of minors and forced labor and declares our objective of complying with all laws and other regulations in connection with slave labor and human trafficking. We expect our business partners also to comply with and respect these laws and other regulations and make ethics the basis of their decisions in all of their areas of activity. These requirements arise from our code of conduct and ethics which explicitly forbids the exploitation of slave labor and human trafficking in our supply chain.

Code of conduct and ethics for business partners

One of the basic principles of AIDA Cruises - a member of the Carnival Corporation & plc group of companies - is to observe the laws of those countries where AIDA Cruises operates and to make every effort to maintain the highest possible ethical standards in business activities.

The following ‘code of conduct and ethics for business partners’ was drawn up to maintain AIDA Cruises’ commitment to those laws and standards. Included in the binding principle listed below are amongst others:

  • strict compliance with all legal regulations,
  • our special promise of quality to our guests,
  • a corporate culture characterized by respect, mutual esteem and equal treatment,
  • fairness when dealing with partners, suppliers and competitors
  • and a large degree of correctness and integrity in concluding business agreements.

We expect not just our employees but also all of our business and agency partners to share unreservedly the values of our entrepreneurial activities and support these to the best of their ability. The basic principles defined in the Business Partner Code of Conduct and Ethics serve as the guidelines for our joint business relations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your future support.

In 2016, a committee was set up to examine and assess possible conflicts of interests as defined in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. This committee simultaneously functions as a point of contact for all employees and is currently staffed by two representatives of the Executive Committee and one representative from the legal department.

GRI Index

GRI Index

Our sustainability report is based on the regulations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

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