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Our sustainability reporting has been based on the principles and regulations of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) since as early as 2010. Accordingly, our report provides an explanatory section for every indicator that details how we are satisfying the respective requirements. We are thus offering transparent, comprehensive insight into our activities to everybody who is interested.

Our annual AIDA cares sustainability report provides information about the prior fiscal year. We explain how we are living up to our responsibility, which of the associated objectives we have met, and what challenges lie ahead of us. Given the transition from GRI 3 to GRI 4 in 2014 and the respective more detailed reporting starting in 2016, we have decided to have the "AIDA cares 2015" be simply an update to the "AIDA cares 2014." In 2014, we defined the requirements of our reporting according to GRI 4 within the Carnival Group. Starting in 2015, we will be compiling all data for our sustainability reporting as per GRI 4 requirements. This updated "AIDA cares 2015" includes all essential information from fiscal year 2014. All divisions of AIDA Cruises were taken into account.

The Carnival Group had defined and introduced comparable indicators for the reporting of all brands as early as 2009. The reports of the individual subsidiaries can now be compared more easily and the indicators can be summarized at the group level. Data collection is managed by the departments in consultation with Chief Sustainability Officer Dr Monika Griefahn and compiled within the areas of Controlling, Energy & Environment, Guests and Human Resources.

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