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Being among “the best of the best” German employers

AIDA is one of the top German employers and has been awarded for its commitment to a high quality and individually supported education a number of times over the last couple of years.


AIDA Cruises – Top German employer 2016

Top Arbeitgeber Germany 2016

AIDA Cruises has recently received the honorary “Top German employer 2016” for its excellent personnel management. The international research company Top Employers Institute annually awards those of the world's leading employers which contribute to their employee's personal and professional development by optimal working conditions.

For this purpose the Top Employers Institute evaluates the personnel management of each participating company over a period of 3 months on the basis of the following criteria:

•    primary benefits
•    secondary benefits & work-life balance
•    training & development
•    career opportunities
•    company's corporate culture management

Only those of the participating companies, which meet the objective evaluation criteria named above on an exceptionally high level, had the possibility to qualify for the “Top German employer” award.
To ensure the validity of the mentioned assessment procedure, all data and answers have been subject to an additional, independent verification.

According to these high standards all participants had to go through a final auditing done by the independent auditing company Grant Thornton after having passed one pre-screening and two audits, done by the CRF Institute.

Find out more about the Top Employers Institute and the Top Employers certification program under:

Top training company 2016

TOP Ausbildungsbetrieb 2016

AIDA is dedicating to maintaining the highest educational standards and was therefore honoured as "Top training company 2016" by the IHK Rostock.

This seal of quality is given to regional companies which distinguish themselves from others by special programs for apprentices, continuity and creativity when it comes to vocational education.

Fair treatment of interns

Fair Company

We are committed to the program "Fair Company" of, a common Internet portal of the big German papers “Handelsblatt” and “Wirtschaftswoche”. We commit ourselves to fair treatment of interns, students and university graduates. Besides an adequate payment the initiative demands to give internships to trainees only and not to university graduates. That’s why we are a “Fair Company” since 2010.